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Nov-2008Futures of work and skills: some foresight exercises in Europe and USAPaulos, Margarida RamiresarticleopenAccess
Set-2014Gamapatias Monoclonais de Significado IndeterminadoJoão, Cristina Maria Godinho PiresarticleopenAccess
Nov-2005The Gap Between Knowledge and Action: Obstacles, Restraints and Deficits During the Execution of RefurbishmentsWoll, TobiasarticleopenAccess
2013Gastrointestinal symbionts of chimpanzees in Cantanhez National Park, Guinea-Bissau with respect to habitat fragmentationSá, RuiarticleclosedAccess
2011Gd(III) chelates as NMR probes of protein-protein interactions. Case study: rubredoxin and cytochrome c3Almeida, Rui M.; Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C.; Pauleta, Sofia R.; Moura, José J. G.articleopenAccess
17-Nov-2009Gene expression profiling associated with the progression to poorly differentiated thyroid carcinomasPita, Jaime Miguel Gomes; Banito, A; Leite, ValerianoarticleopenAccess
1-Jan-2009Genetic diversity of arginine catabolic mobile element in Staphylococcus epidermidisMiragaia, M; de Lencastre, H; Perdreau-Remington, F; Chambers, HF; Higashi, J; Sullam, PM; Lin, J; Wong, KI; King, KA; Otto, M; Sensabaugh, GF; Diep, BAarticle-
2011Genetic evidence for spatio-temporal changes in the dispersal patterns of two sympatric African colobine monkeysSá, RuiarticleclosedAccess
1-Jan-2014Genetic instability persists in non-neoplastic urothelial cells from patients with a history of urothelial cell carcinomaGontijo, AlissonarticleopenAccess
1-Jan-2015Genetic variants underlying risk of intracranial aneurysms : insights from a GWAS in PortugalJacinto, AntónioarticleopenAccess
1-Jan-2010Genotoxic effects in occupational exposure to formaldehyde: A study in anatomy and pathology laboratories and formaldehyde-resins productionViegas, S; Ladeira, C; Nunes, C; Malta-Vacas, J; Gomes, M; Brito, M; Mendonça, P; Prista, JarticleopenAccess
2013"Gente da nossa": uma construção mediática da ideia de "comunidade portuguesa".Silvano, Filomena; Rosales, Marta; Ferreira, SóniaarticleopenAccess
30-Dez-2010Geoambiente e indústria das rochas ornamentaisMartins, O. R.articleopenAccess
1995Geodynamics of the eastern sector of the Arrábida chain (W Portugal)Kullberg, M. C.; Kullberg, J. C.; Ribeiro, A.; Phipps, S.articleopenAccess
1997Geoeconomia: uma crítica à representação económica dominanteSalvador, ReginaarticleopenAccess
1998Geografia política ou geopolítica?Salvador, ReginaarticleopenAccess
18-Out-2016Geographic accessibility to primary healthcare centers in MozambiqueLuis, Antonio dos Anjos; Cabral, PedroarticleopenAccess
1-Jan-2010Geomorphic dam-break flows. Part I: conceptual modelLeal, JGAB; Ferreira, RML; Cardoso, AHarticleopenAccess
2010Geomorphic dam-break flows. Part II: numerical simulationLeal, J. G. A. B.; Ferreira, Rui M. L.; Cardoso, António H.articleopenAccess
2003Geopolítica do petróleo: de Estrabão (à)s guerra(s) do IraqueSalvador, Regina; Marques, Bruno PereiraarticleopenAccess