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3-Jun-2016Analysis And Assessment Of Roles In B2B Buying In The Retailing Industry And The Creation Of An Adequate Value Proposition For In&Out Products in collaboration with Daymon WorldwideKalinowska, AnnamasterThesisembargoedAccess
Set-2015Analysis and design of sinusoidal quadrature RC-oscillatorsCasaleiro, João Carlos Ferreira de AlmeidadoctoralThesisembargoedAccess
20-Jan-2017Analysis and evaluation of gowth possibilities for the company pop solutions groupBehrens, FranziskamasterThesisopenAccess
Mar-2015Analysis and implementation of a multi-ratio switched capacitor DC-DC converter for a supercapacitor power supplyMadeira, Ricardo Falé de CarvalhomasterThesisopenAccess
2009Analysis and recognition of similar environmental soundsRodeia, José Pedro dos SantosmasterThesisopenAccess
28-Fev-2014Analysis and simulation of social unrest in Europe: towards understanding social unrest in EuropeRomero, Elisabet AdevamasterThesisopenAccess
Nov-2015Analysis and Treatment of a male portrait in oil and a study of the size layer with reconstructions from Vibert’s recipe (1892)Brites, Francisco DuartemasterThesisopenAccess
Dez-2014Analysis and treatment of a nineteenth century oil paintingMarques, Raquel de RochamasterThesisopenAccess
Nov-2015Analysis and treatment of a nineteenth century portrait, study of Artsorb® and a proposal for a microclimate frameSá, Sara Raquel Santana demasterThesisopenAccess
4-Mar-2015Analysis and visualization of energy use for university campusAbdelkareem, Nourhan KhalifamasterThesisopenAccess
17-Nov-2015Analysis of a controversial decision process: the case of the pumped hydro storage power plant Atdorf in GermanyBaumann, ManuelworkingPaperopenAccess
Mai-2016Analysis of an innovative business modelPicquendaele, LaetitiamasterThesisopenAccess
Jun-2012Analysis of benefits of the process of certification on international standars: ISO 9001-2008 for Mapfre Assistencia PortugalContecha, Christian NarvaezmasterThesisopenAccess
2011Analysis of changes in the host cell proteome during hepatitis D virus InfectionMENDES, Marta Maria LavourasdoctoralThesisopenAccess
Set-2015Analysis of chromium behaviour and speciation during the electrodialytic processGonçalves, Ana Rita SarmentomasterThesisopenAccess
Set-2015Analysis of classification algorithms for crop detection using LANDSAT 8 imagesFernandes, João Luís RodriguesmasterThesisopenAccess
Mai-2016Analysis of colorADD project - financing options for an internationalization strategyCastelo, ClaudiamasterThesisembargoedAccess
Jun-2016Analysis of ColorADD project - Financing options for an internationalization strategyCastelo, Cláudia Filipa SalvadomasterThesisembargoedAccess
2010Analysis of early synthetic dyes with HPLC-DAD-MS: an important database for analysis of colorants used in cultural heritageSouto, Cátia Susana da Costa NogueiramasterThesisopenAccess
Jan-2016Analysis of factors and drivers in graduates success among Portugal, India and ItalyCassettari, NiccolòmasterThesisopenAccess