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2013A chancelaria régia de D. Dinis : breves observações diplomáticasGomes, Saúl AntónioarticleopenAccess
7-Mar-2016A Chancelaria Régia de D. Dinis: breves observações diplomáticasGomes, Saúl AntónioarticleopenAccess
Nov-2006Change Processes and Future Perspectives in the Knowledge Society. The Example of Clothing and Textile IndustryWoll, TobiasarticleopenAccess
Mai-2015Changes in prescribing patterns of benzodiazepines after training of general practitionersReis, Teresa Alves dosmasterThesisopenAccess
2013Changing environmental behaviors through smartphone-based augmented experiencesSantos, Bruno Miguel InáciomasterThesisopenAccess
2016Changing family strategies in contemporary Morocco: women’s stories, persistent ideologies and matrimonial strategiesCarvalheira, Raquel Alves Neves GilarticleembargoedAccess
24-Jun-2009Changing representations and practices in school mathematics: the case of Modern Math in PortugalMatos, José ManuelbookPartopenAccess
Set-2016Channel estimation in massive MIMO systemsGaspar, Guilherme RodriguesmasterThesisopenAccess
13-Set-2013Channel Insight FrameworkBoavida, EduardomasterThesisembargoedAccess
Mar-2012O Chapitô. Criação e Criador da Educação pela Arte em PortugalCasals, Diana RodriguesmasterThesisopenAccess
1-Abr-2015Characterisation and modelling of transient transport through dense membranes using on-line mass spectrometryFraga, Sofia; Campos, Luís Manuel Trabucho de; Brazinha, Carla; Crespo, Joao G.articleopenAccess
2008Characterization and identification of printed objectsFernandes, Lénia Janete OliveiramasterThesisopenAccess
12-Out-2015Characterization and optimization of the haemozoin-like crystal (HLC) assay to determine Hz inhibiting effects of anti-malarial compoundsTempera, Carolina; Franco, Ricardo; Caro, Carlos; André, Vânia; Eaton, Peter; Burke, Peter; Hänscheid, ThomasarticleopenAccess
2011Characterization and regulation of a bacterial sugar phosphatase of the haloalkanoate dehalogenase superfamily, AraL, from Bacillus subtilisGodinho, Lia M.; Sá-Nogueira, Isabel dearticleopenAccess
2013Characterization and surface reconstruction of objects in tomographic images of composite materialsDelgado, HugomasterThesisopenAccess
Dez-2017Characterization of a chromosome rearrangement associated with cardiopathy and autismDias, Sara MelomasterThesisopenAccess
Mar-2015Characterization of an OPCPA laser amplifier based on the nonlinear crystal YCOBAlves, Joana Andreia Casanova FerreiramasterThesisopenAccess
Jul-2016Characterization of autophagy induced by linoleic acidCastro, Diana Catarina José Pinheiro demasterThesisopenAccess
Nov-2008Characterization of cleaners accidents in the Portuguese service sectorCabeças, José MiquelarticleopenAccess
Jan-2014Characterization of earth, air lime and air lime‐earth mortars with natural fibers for renders and plastersFaria, PaulinaconferenceObjectopenAccess