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12-Jun-2012A comparison of the temporary placement of 3 different self-expanding stents for the treatment of refractory benign esophageal stricturesCanena, Jorge; Liberato, Manuel José A; Rio-Tinto, Ricardo António N; Pinto-Marques, Pedro M.; Romão, Carlos; Coutinho, António Vasco Mello Pereira; Neves, Beatriz; Santos-Silva, Maria Filipa Costa NevesarticleopenAccess
1-Set-2015C-Reactive Protein at 24 Hours after Hospital Admission may have Relevant Prognostic Accuracy in Acute PancreatitisCardoso, Filipe S.; Ricardo, Leonel B.; Oliveira, Ana M.; Horta, David V.; Papoila, Ana L.; Deus, João R.; Canena, JorgearticleopenAccess
Jan-2018Once upon a Time a Guideline Was Used for the Evaluation of Suspected CholedocholithiasisCanena, JorgeotheropenAccess
28-Fev-2018Outcomes of Different Methods for Analysis of Biliary Brush Cytology and of Factors Associated with Positive Diagnosis in an Age-Dependent Retrospective ReviewCosta, Mariana; Canena, Jorge; Mascarenhas-Lemos, Luís; Loureiro, Rafaela; Silva, Mário; Carvalho, Diana; Capela, Tiago; Russo, Pedro; Ramos, Gonçalo; Mateus-Dias, António; Ferraz-Oliveira, Mário; Veiga, Pedro Mota; Coimbra, JoãoarticleopenAccess
19-Ago-2015Outcomes of endoscopic management of primary and refractory postcholecystectomy biliary leaks in a multicentre review of 178 patientsCanena, Jorge; Horta, David; Coimbra, João; Meireles, Liliane; Russo, Pedro; Marques, Inês; Ricardo, Leonel; Rodrigues, Catarina; Capela, Tiago; Carvalho, Diana; Loureiro, Rafaela; Dias, António Mateus; Ramos, Gonçalo; Coutinho, António Pereira; Romão, Carlos; Veiga, Pedro MotaarticleopenAccess