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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2002A new approach to the initial value problemOrtigueira, M.D.otheropenAccess
2001New results on fractional linear predictionOrtigueira, M.D.; Matos, Carlos J. C.otheropenAccess
Apr-2009New series for GDP per capita, per worker, and per worker-hour in Portugal, 1950-2007Amaral, LucianootheropenAccess
May-1996Non-linear time series modelsTurkman, Kamil FeridunotheropenAccess
Apr-1997Odeio vírus!Negreiros, João Garrot MarquesotheropenAccess
2008Oil price shocks and the Portuguese economy since the 1970sRobalo, Pedro Brito; Salvado, João CotterotheropenAccess
Mar-2008On the existence of pure-strategy equilibria in large gamesCarmona, Guilherme; Podczeck, KonradotheropenAccess
2010Optimal job design in the presence of implicit contractsMukherjee, Arijit; Vasconcelos, LuisotheropenAccess
29-Jan-2009Pdf´s interactivosDomingos, HugootheropenAccess
Jul-2009Portuguese average cost of capitalCosta, J.C.; Mata, Mª Eugénia; Justino, D.otheropenAccess
May-2009PosfácioRodrigues, HelenaotheropenAccess
14-Feb-2007Positive self-image and incentives in organizationsSantos-Pinto, LuísotheropenAccess
27-Feb-2007Positive self-image in tournamentsSantos-Pinto, LuísotheropenAccess
Apr-2006Positive self-image over timeSantos-Pinto, LuísotheropenAccess
29-Jan-2009Powerpoints interactivosManeira, AntóniootheropenAccess
2008PrefácioRodrigues, HelenaotheropenAccess
Nov-2009PrefácioRodrigues, HelenaotheropenAccess
2000PrefácioRodrigues, HelenaotheropenAccess
29-Jan-2009A primeira vez no Moodle@FCTDomingos, Hugo; Maneira, AntóniootheropenAccess
29-Jan-2009Procedimento de início de semestreDomingos, HugootheropenAccess