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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Determinants of Portuguese external imbalancesCunha, Luís Campos e; Correia, Diana Helena Gonçalves
Jan-2014Determinants of Portuguese trade: 1986-2010Cunha, Luís Campos e; Georgiev, Iliyan; Mendonça, Fernando Emanuel Martins Mascarenhas
Jun-2014Determinants of reelection in Portuguese municipal electionsPeralta, Susana; Sarpietro, Sílvia
May-2014Determinants of social security pensions expenditure in PortugalSilva, João Miguel; Martins, Maria Cambournac Roque
Jan-2014Determinants of the Portuguese government bond yield spreadNunes, Luís Catela; Rosa, João Daniel Esteves
Jan-2013Determinants of venture capital and private equity investments in renewable energy: A cross-country studySá, Antonieta Cunha e; Rodrigues, Paulo M. M.; Mumelter, Nadja
27-Feb-2015Determination of the most suitable oil pipeline route using GIS least cost path analysisPainho, Marco Octávio Trindade; Casteleyn, Sven; Amanov, Rauf; Huseynli, Shahin
Jan-2015Deutsche Lufthansa AG: Equity researchAndré, Rosário; Rohrbach, Sandra
Jun-2015Developing a gamification system to increase customer lifetime value at MyGonCardoso, Elizabete; Pinto, Miguel
2014Developing clinical trials in the portuguese family medicine : challenges and opportunities in the European contextCaetano, Pedro Afonso; Pereira, Manuel Pedro dos Santos Rodrigues
2009Developing persuasive interfacesRomão, Teresa; Lobo, Pedro Jorge Gonçalves
Mar-2012Developing writing skills in English language teaching through the use of blogs and e-mail at primary school levelFunenga, Sofia Afonso
Sep-2012Developing Young Learners’ Logical/Deductive Thinking Skills and Second Language Skills through a CLIL approachAlvarenga, Denise Maria de Figueiredo
Mar-2014Development and efficiency optimizing of the human body energy convertersValtchev, Stanimir; Soares, Pedro José Queiroz
2012Development and implementation of strategies for the incorporation of reinforcing elements in aluminium alloys by solid state processingMiranda, Rosa; Santos, Telmo; Lopes, Nuno Filipe Ferreira
2009Development of 2-oxazoline-based hydrogels and porous polyester microparticles in scCO2Ricardo, Ana; Bonifácio, Vasco; Silva, Ana Rita Bernardo Restani da
2014Development of a "green process" for the isolation of natural functional extracts with anti-cancer activity - Application of high-pressure technologyDuarte, Catarina; Serra, Ana; Rodrigues, Liliana Andreia Amaro
Mar-2015Development of a fundus camera for analysis of photoreceptor directionality in the healthy retinaVohnsen, Brian; Vieira, Pedro; Anjos, Pedro Filipe dos Santos
2011Development of a piezoelectric biosensor based on PVDF filmsRoque, Ana; Gomes, Pedro; Marques, Ana Raquel Correia Gonçalves
2010Development of an affinity pair “Tag-Receptor” for recombinant protein expression and purificationRoque, Ana; Coroadinha, Ana; Dias, Ana Margarida Gonçalves Carvalho