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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Dec-2010The Neogene of Algarve (Portugal)Pais, João; Legoinha, P.; Elderfield, H.; Sousa, L.; Estevens, M.
25-Mar-2010The Neogene of PortugalAntunes, M. T.; Pais, João
1992The Neogene of PortugalAntunes, M. T.; Pais, João
25-Mar-2010The Neogene of the Lower Tagus Basin (Portugal)Pais, João
Aug-2001Neutral C60 effusive source for atomic collisions with fullereneLobo, R.F.M.; Silva, N. T.
2010A new CuZ active form in the catalytic reduction of N2O by nitrous oxide reductase from Pseudomonas nauticaDell’Acqua, Simone; Pauleta, Sofia R.; Sousa, Patrícia M. Paes de; Monzani, Enrico; Casella, Luigi; Moura, José J. G.; Moura, Isabel
30-Dec-2010A new dinosaur tracksite in the Lower Cretaceous of PortugalMateus, O.; Antunes, M. T.
Dec-2007New evidence of shared dinosaur across upper jurassic proto-North Atlantic: stegosaurus from PortugalKullberg, J. C.; Escaso, Fernando; Ortega, Francisco; Dantas, Pedro; Kullberg, M. C.
Oct-2006A new least-squares approach to differintegration modelingOrtigueira, M.D.; Serralheiro, António J.
Jan-2014New natural hydraulic lime mortars – Physical and microstructural properties in different curing conditionsGrilo, João; Faria, Paulina; Veiga, Rosário; Santos-Silva, António; Silva, Vitor; Velosa, Ana
Apr-2007New quasi-orthogonal BCH-derived sequences for CDMA applicationsOrtigueira, M.D.; Ricardo, Cesaltina N. E.; Gerald, José António B.
Nov-2006New Shop Floor Control Approaches for Virtual EnterprisesRibeiro, Luís; Barata, José
2011New spectroscopic and electrochemical insights on a class I superoxide reductase: evidence for an intramolecular electron-transfer pathwayFolgosa, Filipe; Cordas, Cristina M.; Santos, Joana A.; Pereira, Alice S.; Moura, José J. G.; Tavares, Pedro; Moura, Isabel
2003A new symmetric fractional B-splineOrtigueira, M.D.
28-Jul-2008A new wader, Recurvirostridae (Charadriiformes), from the early Eocene of PortugalHarrison, C. J. O.
21-May-2015NHL 3.5 mortars with scrap tire rubberFaria, Paulina; Piteira, Rui
2010Nitrite biosensing via selective enzymes—a long but promising routeAlmeida, Maria Gabriela; Serra, Alexandra; Silveira, Celia M.; Moura, José J. G.
2011Nitrite reduction by xanthine oxidase family enzymes: a new class of nitrite reductasesMaia, Luisa B.; Moura, José J. G.
2007NMR assignment of the apo-form of a Desulfovibrio gigas protein containing a novel Mo–Cu clusterPauleta, Sofia R.; Duarte, Américo G; Carepo, Marta S.; Pereira, Alice S.; Tavares, Pedro; Moura, Isabel; Moura, José J. G.
2006No right to perform a contract?Rego, Margarida Lima