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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Celebrar a vida e a morte. A festa em "The garden party" (Katherine Mansfield), e "Feliz Aniversário" (Clarice Lispector)Correia, Alda Maria
2013Cement-cork mortars for thermal bridges correction. Comparison with cement-EPS mortars performanceBrás, Ana; Leal, Márcio; Faria, Paulina
30-Dec-2010The Cenomanian-Turonian transition in West Central Portugal: ammonites and biostratigraphyCallapez, P.
1997Centros e margens: o lugar ambíguo do Fora-da-Lei MedievalAlarcão, Miguel
1997A cera e o selo. A força e a fraqueza de um paradigmaSoares, Maria Luísa Couto
2008Chaînes opératoires and resource-exploitation strategies in chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) nut crackingCarvalho, Susana; Cunha, Eugénia; Sousa, Cláudia; Matsuzawa, Tetsuro
2013A chancelaria régia de D. Dinis : breves observações diplomáticasGomes, Saúl António
Nov-2006Change Processes and Future Perspectives in the Knowledge Society. The Example of Clothing and Textile IndustryWoll, Tobias
1-Jan-2011Characterization and regulation of a bacterial sugar phosphatase of the HAD superfamily, AraL, from Bacillus subtilis.Godinho, LM; Sá-Nogueira, I de
2011Characterization and regulation of a bacterial sugar phosphatase of the haloalkanoate dehalogenase superfamily, AraL, from Bacillus subtilisGodinho, Lia M.; Sá-Nogueira, Isabel de
Nov-2008Characterization of cleaners accidents in the Portuguese service sectorCabeças, José Miquel
1997Characterization of the [NiFe] Hydrogenase from the sulfate reducer Desulfovibrio vulgaris HildenboroughRomão, Célia V.; Pereira, Inês C.; Xavier, António V.;; LeGall, Jean; Teixeira, Miguel
Apr-2008Characterization of the abn2(yxiA) encoding a Bacillus subtilis GH43 arabinanase, Abn2, and its role in arabino-polysaccharides degradation.Sá-Nogueira, Isabel de; Inácio, José Manuel
2006Characterization of the volatile fraction emitted by phloems of four pinus species by solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography–mass spectrometrySantos, A.M.; Vasconcelos, T.; Mateus, E.; Farrall, M.H.; Silva, M. D. R. Gomes da; Paiva, Maria Rosa; Branco, M.
30-Dec-2010Charophytes from Silveirinha (?Upper Paleocene - Lowermost Eocene) according to Janine RivelineAntunes, M. T.; Colin, J.-P.
15-Jul-2008Cheirogaster sp. (O. Testudines, Fam. Testudinidae, Geochelone sl.) du Paléogène de Naia, Tondela et l’âge du gisementAntunes, M. T.; Broin, F. de
2007Chemostratigraphy (TOC, 􀁇13C, 􀁇18O) around the Pliensbachian/Toarcian boundary in the reference section of Peniche (Lusitanian Basin, Portugal)Veiga de Oliveira, L. C.; Duarte, L. V.; Rodrigues, R.
2007Chimpanzees Share Forbidden FruitHockings, Kimberley; Humle, Tatyana; Anderson, James; Biro, Dora; Sousa, Cláudia; Ohashi, Gaku; Matsuzawa, Tetsuro
18-Apr-2010Chromian spinels in the basalts from the Lisbon volcanic complex (portugal) and their petrogenetic implicationsd'Orey, F. L. C.; Palacios, T.
1-Jan-2010Cidadão e comunidade : que relevância no processo de contratualizaçNicolau, V; Escoval, A