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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2014Attractiveness of European masters under Bologna constraints: The South American caseMatos, João Amaro de; Casquinho, Constança; Collas, Vanessa Santos
1-Jan-2009Building a knowledge and learning society in Portugal - Adult students in technological schools and higher education institutionsCorreia, Ana Maria R; Sá, Dulce Magalhães de; Costa, Ana Cristina; Sarmento, Anabela
Sep-2014Determinants of success of Nova SBE’s undergraduate studentsReis, Ana Balcão; Seabra, Maria do Carmo; Nunes, Luís Catela; Alves, Dino Miguel
1-Jan-2009The development of a knowledge-based society - Challenges for e-learning and adult students in higher educationCorreia, Ana Maria R; Sarmento, A
Jan-2014Higher education branding: Nova School of Business and Economics and Bocconi UniversityCardoso, Elizabete; Cuicchi, Federica
Dec-2014Learning Activities with Semantic. Hypermedia in Higher EducationManeira, António Carvalho
2007Learning in higher education: strategies to overcome challenges faced by adult students – lessons drawn from two case studies in PortugalCorreia, Ana Maria R.; Sarmento, A.
2007Learning to manage in knowledge-based organizations: the role of learning logs or portfoliosCorreia, Ana Maria R.; Sarmento, Anabela Mesquita; Neto, Miguel de Castro
Aug-2010Public funding of higher education: who gains, who loses?Reis, Ana Balcão
Jun-2015Success in higher educationReis, Ana; Seabra, Maria; Nunes, Luís; Silva, Pedro
Jan-2012Under the veil of citationsPortugal, Pedro; Carvalho, Diogo Jose Fernandes de