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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2010The alternative complex III from Rhodothermus marinus - a prototype of a new family of quinol: electron acceptor oxidoreductaseRefojo, Patrícia N.
May-2009Anaerobic bacteria: an investigation of metabolic important enzymes: a novel type of oxygen reductase and enzymes of the tetrapyrrole biosynthesisLobo, Susana André
1997Characterization of the [NiFe] Hydrogenase from the sulfate reducer Desulfovibrio vulgaris HildenboroughRomão, Célia V.; Pereira, Inês C.; Xavier, António V.;; LeGall, Jean; Teixeira, Miguel
Nov-2012Cyanobacterial and Protozoan Flavodiiron Proteins are nitric oxide and/or dioxygen reductasesGonçalves, Vera Lúcia
Sep-2010Energy transduction by respiratory complex IBatista, Ana P.
2013Insights into Campylobacter jejuni Desulforubrerythrin catalytic mechanismVaz, Diana Filipa Pereira
1999Spectroscopic Studies and Characterization of a Novel Electron-Transfer ChainGomes, Claudio; Vicente, João; Wasserfallen, Alain; Teixeira, Miguel
Showing results 1 to 7 of 7


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