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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Feb-2011Assessment of metadata associated with geotag picturesMaué, Patrick; Schwering, Angela; Sánchez, Laura Díaz; Nandipati, Anand
28-Feb-2013Behavior monitoring and behavioral exchange: an approach from geospatial technologies involving gamification techniquesPainho, Marco; Sánchez, Laura Díaz; Guijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Sánchez, David González
7-Feb-2011Cognitive assessment of topological movement Patterns and direction turns: An influence of scaleSchwering, Angela; Sánchez, Laura Díaz; Klippel, Alexander; Saeed, Farah
5-Mar-2012Environmental Decision-making utilizing a Web GIS to Monitor Hazardous Industrial Emissions in the Valencian community of SpainSánchez, Laura Díaz; Pultar, Eduard; Neto, Miguel; Kamberov, Rustam
4-Mar-2010Geospatial data harmonization from regional level to european level: a usa case in forest fire dataSánchez, Laura Díaz; Schade, Sven; Neto, Miguel; Otsu, Kaori
5-Mar-2012GI Systems for public health with an ontology based approachSánchez, Laura Díaz; Kauppinen, Tomi; Painho, Marco; Gür, Nurefşan
6-Mar-2009GVSOS: A New Client for OGC SOS Interface StandardGuijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Bação, Fernando; Sánchez, Laura Díaz; Fong, Alain Tamayo
5-Mar-2009Knowledge discovery from trajectoriesBação, Fernando; Sánchez, Laura Díaz; Li, Song
1-Mar-2013Participatory mapping in the design process of a spatial data infrastructure SDI: a case study in the Biosphere Reserve Rio Platano (Honduras)Sánchez, Laura Díaz; Henriques, Roberto André Pereira; Huerta, Joaquín; Colás, Alberto Olivares
2-Mar-2010Testing native speakers of German and Portuguese on the understanding of topological operators-line-region relations in gvSIGSchwering, Angela; Painho, Marco; Sánchez, Laura Díaz; Ferdinands, Andrew
5-Mar-2012A Web based geospatial application for disaster preparedness in UgandaSánchez, Laura Díaz; Blasco, Ismael Sanz; Cabral, Pedro; Kalinaki, Elizabeth