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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2015Analysis and implementation of a multi-ratio switched capacitor DC-DC converter for a supercapacitor power supplyPaulino, Nuno; Madeira, Ricardo Falé de Carvalho
2014CMOS indoor light energy harvesting system for wireless sensing applicationsPaulino, Nuno; Carvalho, Carlos Manuel Ferreira
2010Design of a Continuous-Time (CT) Sigma-Delta modulator for class D audio power amplifiersPaulino, Nuno; Melo, João Luís Alvernaz de
2013Design of a power output stage for a class D audio power amplifier based on an 1.5-bit ∑ ∆ MPaulino, Nuno; Leitão, Pedro Miguel Vicente
2012Design of switched-capacitor filters using low gain amplifiersPaulino, Nuno; Serra, Hugo Alexandre de Andrade
2010Digitally programmable delay-locked-loop with adaptive charge pump current for UWB radar systemPaulino, Nuno; Lopes, Bruno Miguel
2013Implementation of a sigma delta modulator for a class D audio power amplifierPaulino, Nuno; Pereira, Nuno Ruben Ferreira
2013Project of a bandgap voltage reference and a temperature sensor for "energy harvest" systemsPaulino, Nuno; Silva, João Gonçalo Clemente da
2011Projecto de um circuito conversor DC-DC para aplicações de “energy harvest”Paulino, Nuno; Lameiro, José David Lopes
Sep-2014Projeto de um altifalante digitalPaulino, Nuno; Querido, Fábio Emanuel Ferreira
2011SI SC MDAC switched current-capacitor multiplying digital-to-analog converterPaulino, Nuno; Pacheco, João Rafael Caetano
2010Time-domain optimization of amplifiers based on distributed genetic algorithmsPaulino, Nuno; Goes, João; Tavares, Rui Manuel Leitão Santos