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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2008The 1st ISA forum of sociology on the “Sociological Research and Public Debate”Paulos, Margarida Ramires; Moniz, António Brandão
Sep-2008Application of FTA and the perceived impact on employment policies: the case of nanotechnology in the Netherlands, Germany and PortugalMoniz, António Brandão; Bannink, Duco; Fleischer, Torsten
1-Jan-2009Are societal changes new? Questions or trends and future perceptions on knowledge-based economyMoniz, António Brandão; Paulos, Margarida Ramires
Nov-2008Assessing scenarios on the future of workMoniz, António Brandão
1-Jan-2009The clothing industry as a globalized sector: implications for work organisation, quality of work and job contentMoniz, António Brandão; Paulos, Margarida Ramires
1-Aug-2008Crise alimentar e crise nas pescas: paradoxos de mudança?Moniz, António Brandão
Dec-2007Design of a doctorate programme on technology assessment: A sabbatical leave projectMoniz, António Brandão
Nov-2006Editorial NoteMoniz, António Brandão; Leal, Rogério P.
Nov-2008Editorial NoteMoniz, António Brandão; Cabeças, José Miquel
Nov-2005Editorial NoteMoniz, António Brandão; Leal, Rogério P.
Nov-2007Editorial NoteMoniz, António Brandão
Mar-1992Educação e Trabalho: contradições e alternativas organizacionaisKovács, Ilona; Rodrigues, Maria Lurdes; Moniz, António Brandão
Apr-1986Estudo monográfico de uma instituição psiquiátrica nos AçoresMoniz, António Brandão
Nov-2006Foresight methodologies to understand changes in the labour process. Experience from PortugalMoniz, António Brandão
Nov-2008Fragmentation? The future of work in Europe in a global economy: the WORKS final International Conference debatePaulos, Margarida Ramires; Moniz, António Brandão
Apr-2008Futures of automobile industry and challenges on sustainable development and mobilityMoniz, António Brandão; Paulos, Margarida Ramires
Aug-2008The globalisation in the clothing sector and its implications for work organisation: a view from the Portuguese caseBrito, Duarte; Moniz, António Brandão; Paulos, Margarida Ramires
Apr-1986Iniciativa em sociologia industrial, das organizações e do trabalho e a formação da APSIOT – Associação Portuguesa de Profissionais em SIOT (Registo)Moniz, António Brandão; Kovács, Ilona
Nov-2006International Conference on “Foresight Studies on Work in the Knowledge Society“ in Monte de Caparica (FCT-UNL) on 19-20 October 2006Woll, Tobias; Moniz, António Brandão
Nov-2007Into a new phase of the research on restructuring of work in the knowledge society: the Third WORKS General Assembly in Sofia (Bulgaria)Paulos, Margarida Ramires; Moniz, António Brandão