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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Mar-2011Conservation GIS: Ontology and spatial reasoning for commonsense knowledge.Painho, Marco; Kuhn, Werner; Canut, Carlos Granell; Pathak, Mahesh
3-Mar-2011Contribution towards understanding the categorisation of landforms.Painho, Marco; Kuhn, Werner; Berlanga Llavori, Rafael; Canut, Carlos Granell; Williams, Maia Charlotte
9-Mar-2009Development of an interface for ontology‐based transformation between features of different typesKuhn, Werner; Painho, Marco; Schade, Sven; Weerasinghe, Weerakoon Mudiyanselage Thushanta Harshi
8-Feb-2010Development of regional spatial data infrastructure (SDI) case study in hearth of BorneoSchade, Sven; Kuhn, Werner; Cabral, Pedro; Cahyawati, Dwi Septi
9-Mar-2009Enhancing information retrieval in folksonomies using ontology of place constructed from Gazetteer informationKuhn, Werner; Bishr, Mohamed; Sabrah, Rania Abd El Fattah Ahmed
6-Mar-2009Farm 2.0 Using Wordpress to Manage Geocontent and Promote Regional Food ProductsQuirós, Ricardo; Kuhn, Werner; Neto, Miguel; Applewhite, Amenity Joyce
8-Feb-2010Gender Differences in Spatial Cognition: Wayfinding Performance and Sketch Mapping Activity of German SpeakersSchwering, Angela; Kuhn, Werner; Guijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Anacta, Vanessa Joy Alconaba
9-Mar-2009How human schematization and systematic errors take effect on sketch map formalizationsSchwering, Angela; Kuhn, Werner; Painho, Marco; Wang, Jia
7-Feb-2012Integration of crowdsourced information with traditional crises and disaster management information using linked dataKuhn, Werner; Kauppinen, Tomi; Pultar, Eduard; Painho, Marco; Limbu, Minu Kumar
4-Mar-2009Microtheories for SDI - Accounting for diversity of local conceptualisations at a global levelLlavori, Rafael Berlanga; Janowicz, Krzysztof; Kuhn, Werner; Duce, Stephanie Jane
30-Jan-2013Semantic web approach for dealing with administrative boundary revisions: a case study of Dhaka CityKuhn, Werner; Costa, Ana Cristina Marinho da; Seguer, Rayes Grangel; Pervin, Shiuli
6-Mar-2009Spatial metrics and Landsat data for urban landuse change detection: case of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Cabral, Pedro; Kuhn, Werner; Latorre, Pedro; Bekalo, Mesfin Tadesse
5-Mar-2012The significance of Traveler's Route Knowledge for Choice of commuting mode of transportCabedo, Lledó Museros; Kuhn, Werner; Painho, Marco; Kruk, Lukasz Adam
8-Feb-2010Translation encoding for OGC servicesSchade, Sven; Cabral, Pedro; Kuhn, Werner; Cai, Chunyuan