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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jan-2015Benefits & drawbacks of different means of interaction for placing objects above a video footageKray, Christian; Belmonte, Óscar; Cabral, Pedro da Costa Brito; Chillerón, Francisco Javier Morata
29-Jan-2014Collecting data for indoor mapping of the university of Münster via a location based gameKray, Christian; Guijarro, Joaquin Huerta; Henriques, Roberto; Zolotov, Mijail Juanovich Naranjo
30-Jan-2013Evaluating Dynamic Signage for Emergency Evacuation using an Immersive Video EnvironmentKray, Christian; Henriques, Roberto André Pereira; Fernandez, Oscar Belmonte; Olyazadeh, Roya
27-Feb-2015Information provision improvement with a geofencing event-bases systemHenriques, Roberto; Romero, Francisco Ramos; Kray, Christian; Muriach, Aida Monfort
1-Mar-2012Location-based Marketing: the academic frameworkNeto, Miguel; Gould, Michael; Kray, Christian; Buczkowski, Aleksander
28-Feb-2013Public Participation geographic information systems in developing countries: lessons from Uganda on the impacts of interactive screens PPGIS and community perceptions of spacePainho, Marco Octávio Trindade; Fernandez, Oscar Belmonte; Kray, Christian; Drate, Pamella
14-Mar-2015Smart-RBACGould, Michael; Painho, Marco; Kray, Christian; Gummidi, Srinivasa Raghavendra Bhuvan
2-Mar-2013Travel simulation inside an Immersive Video Environment (IVE)Kray, Christian; Fernandez, Oscar Belmonte; Henriques, Roberto André Pereira; López, Luis Bausá