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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Mar-2011Adding SOS Core & transactional profiles support to a web thin clientGuijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Fernández, Óscar Belmonte; Cabral, Pedro; Martí, Irene Garcia
28-Feb-2013Behavior monitoring and behavioral exchange: an approach from geospatial technologies involving gamification techniquesPainho, Marco; Sánchez, Laura Díaz; Guijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Sánchez, David González
7-Mar-2011Creating a GWT web application for the SOS standard enhanced profileFernández, Óscar Belmonte; Guijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Neto, Miguel; Bordonau, Mauricia Benedito
5-Mar-2012Design and implementation of 3D buildings integration for a Webgl-Based Virtual Globe: a case study of Valencian Cadastre and Fide Building ModeFernández, Óscar Belmonte; Guijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Cabral, Pedro; Iglesias, Daniel Gastón
8-Feb-2010Gender Differences in Spatial Cognition: Wayfinding Performance and Sketch Mapping Activity of German SpeakersSchwering, Angela; Kuhn, Werner; Guijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Anacta, Vanessa Joy Alconaba
5-Mar-2012GIS capacity building for risk management to help developing countries:Case of climate change problem in Amhara rural region (Ethiopia)Guijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Painho, Marco; Aragó, Pau; López, Sergio Clark
6-Mar-2009gvSIG An Open Source GIS solution for the Android PlatformGuijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Krüger, Antonio; Neto, Miguel; Reinhold, Cristian Martin
6-Mar-2009GVSOS: A New Client for OGC SOS Interface StandardGuijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Bação, Fernando; Sánchez, Laura Díaz; Fong, Alain Tamayo
4-Mar-2010Integration of forest fire management with SDI: user requirements.Canut, Carlos Granell; Guijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Caetano, Mário; Aragó Galindo, Pau
6-Mar-2009The intersection of people, technology and local space. PPGIS and Web in practice for participatory planningCanut, Carlos Granell; Painho, Marco; Guijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Bugs, Geisa Tamara
7-Mar-2011Parallelization of web processing services on cloud computing: A case study of Geostatistical MethodsGuijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Remke, Albert; Painho, Marco; Murillo, Carlos Andrés Osorio
3-Mar-2011A plugin for spatial and thematic comparison in the cadastral domain.Painho, Marco; Schwering, Angela; Guijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Candeias, Paulo Jorge Gama Bianchi
7-Feb-2011Public private collaboration: Potentials for spatial data infrastructure development in developing countries - A caste study of NigeriaRemke, Albert; Guijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Painho, Marco; Nkwor, Chima Ogbonnaya
4-Mar-2010A qualitive reasoning approach for improving query results for sketch based queries by topological analysis of spatial aggregationGuijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Schwering, Angela; Painho, Marco; Chipofya, Malumbo Chaka
5-Mar-2012Sensor Data Visualization in Virtual GlobeFong, Alain Tamayo; Cabral, Pedro; Guijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Pupo, Luis Henrique Rodríguez
28-Feb-2013Virtual Campus for the University of Jaume I, Castelló, Spain: 3D Modelling of the Campus Buildings using CityEngineCabral, Pedro da Costa Brito; Guijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Gould, Michael; Antunes, Sara Costa