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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Bilirubin directly disrupts membrane lipid polarity and fluidity, protein order, and redox status in rat mitochondriaMoura, José J. G.; Rodrigues, Cecília M. P.; Solá, Susana; Brito, Maria A.; Brites, Dora
2012Cues for cancer stem cells originBrites, Dora; Jesus, Ana; Gomes, Cátia Sofia Vicente
2013Dissecting cross-talk between microglia and motoneurons in ALS: signaling events and soluble factorsBrites, Dora; Vaz, Ana; Barbosa, Marta Isabel da Silva Rodrigues
Dec-2011Dissecting neuronal development deficits by inflammation: from morphology to cytoskeleton dynamicsBrites, Dora; Borralho, Adelaide; Frias, Cátia Sofia Pereira
2013Dissecting neuronal dysfunction and microglia/motoneurons cross-talk in ALS: an immunofluorescence directed studyBrites, Dora; Vaz, Ana; Ferreira, Andreia Filipa Dimas
2009Establishment and characterization of a human model of the blood-brain barrierBrito, Maria Alexandra; Brites, Dora; Cardoso, Filipa Solange Parreira Lourenço
Nov-2014Exploring deregulated signals involved in motor neuron-microglia cross-talk in ALSBrites, Dora; Vaz, Ana; Cunha, Maria Inês Fazendeiro
2012Exploring motor neuron degeneration in ALS - prevention by glycoursodeoxycholic acid and signaling to microgliaBrites, Dora; Vaz, Ana; Cunha, Joana Carolina Marinho
Dec-2014Glia-Motoneuron dialogue in ALS onset and progression in SOD1G93A-mice modelBrites, Dora; Vaz, Ana; Santos, Catarina de Pais Paiva
2002Membrane structural changes support the involvement of mitochondria in the bile salt-induced apoptosis of rat hepatocytesSolá, Susana; Brito, Maria A.; Brites, Dora; Moura, José J. G.; Rodrigues, Cecília
2011Microglial clearance function: dependence on phenotypesBrites, Dora; Jesus, Ana; Oliveira, Ana Filipa Martins
2009Reactivity of human fetal and adult immortalized hepatocytes to potentially toxic bilirubin and bile acid speciesBrites, Dora; Fernandes, Adelaide; Duarte, Catarina Vizetto Guerreiro