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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Feb-2013Detecting and evaluating land cover change in the eastern half of East Timor (1972-2011)Caetano, Mário Rochinha de Andrade; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Pebesma, Edzer; Costa, Helder António Bento da
1-Mar-2013Effects of Spatial Pattern of GreenSpace on Land Surface Temperature: A case study on Oasis City Aksu, northwest ChinaBañon, Filiberto Pla; Caetano, Mário Sílvio Rochinha de Andrade; Pebesma, Edzer; Maimaitiyming, Maimaiti
2-Mar-2010Estimation of vegetation carbon stock in Portugal using land use/ land cover dataCaetano, Mário; Painho, Marco; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Molin, Paulo Guilherme
1-Mar-2012Evaluation of thermal remote sensing for detection of thermal anomalies as earthquake precursors: a case study for Malatya-Pütürge-Doganyol (Turkey) Earthquake, July 13, 2003Caetano, Mário; Prinz, Torsten; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Okyay, Ünal
28-Feb-2013Extracting temporal and spatial distributions information about marine mucilage phenomenon based on Modis satellite images; a case study of the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic Sea, 2010-2012Caetano, Mário Rochinha de Andrade; Painho, Marco Octávio Trindade; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Gigliotti, Angelo
8-Feb-2010Investigating habitat association of breeding birds using public domain satellite imagery and land cover data.Pebesma, Edzer; Cabral, Pedro; Caetano, Mário; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Abdi, Abdulhakim Mohamed
30-Jan-2013Is land surface temperature an earthquake precursor?Pebesma, Edzer; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Caetano, Mário Sílvio Rochinha de Andrade; Sulçe, Ardit
2-Mar-2010Land use/ land cover change and its impact on soil erosion process in Begnas Tal Rupa Tal watershed using geospatial tools, Kaski district, NepalCabral, Pedro; Pebesma, Edzer; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Koirala, Saroj
3-Mar-2011Multi-scale vegetation classification using earth observation data of the Sundarban mangrove forest, Bangladesh.Caetano, Mário; Bação, Fernando; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Diyan, Mohammad Abdullah Abu
6-Mar-2009Spatial metrics and Landsat data for urban landuse change detection: case of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Cabral, Pedro; Kuhn, Werner; Latorre, Pedro; Bekalo, Mesfin Tadesse
7-Feb-2012Spatio-Temporal data modeling in response to deforestation monitoring (a case study of small region in Riau Province, Indonesia)Pebesma, Edzer; Caetano, Mário; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Melati, Dian Nuraini
6-Mar-2009Spatio-temporal land use/land cover changes analysis and monitoring in the Valencia Municipality, SpainBañon, Filiberto Pla; Painho, Marco; Pebesma, Edzer; Yesserie, Addis Getnet
30-Jan-2013Unsupervised classification of remote sensing images combining Self Organizing Maps and segmentation techniquesPebesma, Edzer; Henriques, Roberto André Pereira; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Gonzalez, Diana Rocío Galindo
2-Mar-2010Urban change monitoring using GIS and remote sensing tools in Kathmandu valley (Nepal)Cabral, Pedro; Caetano, Mário; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Bhandari, Sushil
7-Feb-2011Urban sprawl analysis and modeling in Asmara, Eritreia: Application of Geospatial ToolsPebesma, Edzer; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Cabral, Pedro; Kohler, Thomas; Tewolde, Mussie Ghebretinsae
2-Mar-2010Web GIS to support irrigation management: a prototype for SAGRA network, Alentejo PortugalNeto, Miguel; Caetano, Mário; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Dhakal, Ashwin