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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Are celebrities mediators for negative spillover? An empirical studyAgante, Luísa; Hassler, David Maximilian
Jun-2011Ben & Jerry’s: Case study on children’s social awareness and its impact on corporate strategyAgante, Luísa; Barros, Inês Peso de Oliveira
Jun-2010Um Bongo and sport: How can a brand communicate through its mascotsAgante, Luísa; Marques, André Gonçalo Ribeiro
Jun-2013A brand Identity for the Parish of Nossa Senhora de Fátima (in Lisbon)Agante, Luísa; Rocha, Lígia Cristina Castanheira
Jan-2011Can advergames boost children’s healthier eating habits?: A comparison between healthy and non-healthy foodAgante, Luísa; Dias, Mónica Sofia Rodrigues
Jan-2014Can healthy eating be cool?: A study of celebrities’ impact on teens’ attitudes towards healthy eatingAgante, Luísa; Gregório, Filipa dos Reis
Jan-2014Cereals and children: A study of their lifetime relationAgante, Luísa; Costa, Duarte Manuel Fernandes de Matos Borges da
Jan-2010Children consumer behaviour field lab: The Nestum consumerAgante, Luísa; Lourenço, Jacqueline Areal
Jun-2011Children emotional reactions toward advertising and brands: A drawing experimentAgante, Luísa; Falardo, Sara Figueiredo Caeiro
Jan-2010Commercial vs. product placement: A study with young childrenAgante, Luísa; Omar, Ismael Mahomed
Jun-2012Communication strategy for Continente online store: improving the Ecommerce experienceAgante, Luísa; Leão, Francisco
Jun-2012A communication strategy for Continente: Practical, low priced and healthy eating solutionsAgante, Luísa; Rosário, Joana Roque do
Jun-2012A communication strategy for Continente: Proposals to improve the online servicesAgante, Luísa; Sousa, Daniel Passos de
Jun-2012A communication strategy for Continente: proposals to promote fresh products of Continente’s own brandsAgante, Luísa; Alves, Filipa Almeida da Silva
Jan-2013Comparing the efficiency of advergames vs. social networks when communicating with childrenAgante, Luísa; Pereira, Clara Gil Leite
Jun-2011A conceptual model of a brand's presence on Facebook aligned with teenagers' motivations and marketing strategiesAgante, Luísa; Monteiro, Bruno
Jun-2012Continente Choose&DriveAgante, Luísa; Castelbranco, Pedro Letteri Sepúlveda de
Jan-2013A CSR communication strategy for Continente: Improving brand image and reinforcing local community bondsAgante, Luísa; Heleno, Ana Isabel Delgado
Jan-2015A digital communication strategy for Kiehl’s: Humanize an online engagementAgante, Luísa; Pereira, David Emanuel Ribeiro
Jun-2011Education for sustainable development – How are Portuguese children being educated in order to become responsible consumersAgante, Luísa; Lavareda, Joana Frade