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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Feb-2013An Atlas for the future National Park: Las Cumbres de la Sierra de GuadarramaHenriques, Roberto André Pereira; Pebesma, Edzer; Huerta, Joaquín; Aira, Laura Lolo
1-Mar-2012Analysing and visualising areal crime data. A case study of residential burglary in San Francisco, USACosta, Ana Cristina; Pebesma, Edzer; Mahiques, Jorge Mateu; Bumpus, Susan Jane
28-Feb-2014Analysis and simulation of social unrest in Europe: towards understanding social unrest in EuropeCosta, Ana Cristina Marinho da; Pebesma, Edzer; Mateu, Jorge; Romero, Elisabet Adeva
30-Jan-2015Analysis of temporal and spatial variations of forest. A case of study in notheastern ArmeniaPebesma, Edzer; Padgham, Mark; Pla, Filiberto; Ghazaryan, Gohar
28-Feb-2014Analysis of urban land use and land cover changes: a case of study in Bahir Dar, EthiopiaCabral, Pedro da Costa Brito; Pebesma, Edzer; Mateu, Jorge; Sahalu, Atalel Getu
28-Feb-2013Assessing the impacts of land use and land cover change on hydrology of watershed: a case study on Gigel-Abbay Watershed, Lake Tana Basin, EthiopiaCabral, Pedro da Costa Brito; Pebesma, Edzer; Mateo, Jorge; Geremew, Asmamaw Adamu
28-Feb-2013Detecting and evaluating land cover change in the eastern half of East Timor (1972-2011)Caetano, Mário Rochinha de Andrade; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Pebesma, Edzer; Costa, Helder António Bento da
1-Mar-2013Effects of Spatial Pattern of GreenSpace on Land Surface Temperature: A case study on Oasis City Aksu, northwest ChinaBañon, Filiberto Pla; Caetano, Mário Sílvio Rochinha de Andrade; Pebesma, Edzer; Maimaitiyming, Maimaiti
9-Mar-2009An environmental atlas of AlbaniaCabral, Pedro; Helle, Kristina; Pebesma, Edzer; Seferkolli, Ledjo
1-Mar-2012Evaluation of Spatial interpolation techniques for mapping climate variables with low sample density: a case study using a new gridded dataset of BangladeshCosta, Ana Cristina; Pebesma, Edzer; Cabral, Pedro; Mahiques, Jorge Mateu; Bhowmik, Avit Kumar
7-Feb-2012Heterogeneous sensor database framework for the sensor observation service: integrating remote and in-situ sensor observations at the database backendPebesma, Edzer; Blasco, Ismael Sanz; Cabral, Pedro; Maduako, Ikechukwu Nmandi
2-Mar-2010Human and climatic change impact modelling on the habitat suitability for the chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes ellioti) – Case study: The proposed Mount Cameroon National ParkCabral, Pedro; Caetano, Mário; Mahiques, Jorge Mateu; Pebesma, Edzer; Mwambo, Francis Molua
5-Mar-2012Hydrologic modeling and uncertainty analysis of an ungauged watershed using mapwindow-swatMahiques, Jorge Mateu; Pebesma, Edzer; Cabral, Pedro; Boluwade, Alaba
8-Feb-2010Investigating habitat association of breeding birds using public domain satellite imagery and land cover data.Pebesma, Edzer; Cabral, Pedro; Caetano, Mário; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Abdi, Abdulhakim Mohamed
7-Feb-2012Investigating the use of dasymetric techniques for assessing employment containment in Melbourne, AustraliaPebesma, Edzer; Mahiques, Jorge Mateu; Costa, Ana Cristina; McCarthy, Christabel
30-Jan-2013Is land surface temperature an earthquake precursor?Pebesma, Edzer; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Caetano, Mário Sílvio Rochinha de Andrade; Sulçe, Ardit
7-Feb-2011Land cover dynamics in Savanna Ecosystem of Borena EthiopiaPebesma, Edzer; Cabral, Pedro; Carmona, Pedro Latorre; Beza, Teshome Abate
9-Mar-2009Land use / land cover change detection: an object oriented approach, Münster, GermanyPebesma, Edzer; Prinz, Torsten; Caetano, Mário; Das, Tanmoy
2-Mar-2010Land use/ land cover change and its impact on soil erosion process in Begnas Tal Rupa Tal watershed using geospatial tools, Kaski district, NepalCabral, Pedro; Pebesma, Edzer; Bañon, Filiberto Pla; Koirala, Saroj
27-Feb-2015Politicization of non-political eventsPainho, Marco Octávio Trindade; Pebesma, Edzer; Castelyen, Sven; Popova, Karina