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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Biodiesel production from chicken feather meal, combining biocatalysis and supercritical technologyPaiva, Alexandre; Simões, Pedro; Gameiro, Mariana Isabel Correia D’Almeida Mendes
2012Continuous catalyst free production of biodiesel from agro industrial waste with green solventsSimões, Pedro; Paiva, Alexandre; Montoya, Carmen Alicia Moreno
May-2015Evaluating the potential of yeast strains to produce added value products for the food and/or pharmaceutical industriesPaiva, Alexandre; Salema-Oom, Madalena; Silva, Luiza Tonaco
Nov-2014Fiber functionalization for biomedical applicationsPaiva, Alexandre; Borges, João Paulo; Mano, Maria Francisca Amaral Gomes Marques
2009A green integrated process for biodiesel productionBarreiros, Susana; Simões, Pedro; Paiva, Alexandre; Rodrigues, Ana Rita Guerra Silva
2013One-pot enzymatic resolution/separation of enantiomers using green solventsBarreiros, Susana; Paiva, Alexandre; Pinto, José Jorge Baeta Fontinha
2013“One-pot” enzymatic conversion of CO2 to methanolBarreiros, Susana; Paiva, Alexandre; Amado, Verónica Catarina Ferreira
Apr-2015Valorization of agroindustrial wastePaiva, Alexandre; Simões, Pedro; Abrantes, Sandra da Fonseca
2013Valorization of grape pomace residues integrating hot compressed water with biotechnologyPaiva, Alexandre; Salema-Oom, Madalena; Vorobieva, Ekaterina
2014Valorization of pumpkin residue by supercritical extraction of added-value compoundsPaiva, Alexandre; Simões, Pedro; Vieira, José António Breyer Rodrigues