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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Mar-2006A coherent approach to non-integer order derivativesOrtigueira, M.D.articleopenAccess
2001The comb signal and its Fourier transformOrtigueira, M.D.articleopenAccess
24-May-2008Comments on ‘‘Modeling fractional stochastic systems as non-random fractional dynamics driven Brownian motionsOrtigueira, M.D.articleopenAccess
Dec-2000Communicación sobre lineas de suministro de energiaOrtigueira, M.D.; Gerald, José A. B.; Inácio, José A. L.articleopenAccess
2006Comparative analysis of time-frequency methods estimating the time-varying microstructure of sleep EEG spindlesOrtigueira, M.D.; Xanthopoulos, P.; Golemati, S.; Sakkalis, V.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2004Considerations about the choice of a differintegratorOrtigueira, M.D.; Machado, J. A. Tenreiro; Costa, J. Sá daconferenceObjectopenAccess
Sep-2002Digital-domain self-calibration technique for video-rate pipeline A/D converters using Gaussian white noiseOrtigueira, M.D.; Goes, J.; Paulino, N.articleopenAccess
2005ECG wave detector and delineation with waveletsOrtigueira, M.D.; Alves, L. B.; Batista, A. G.; Pinto, I. V.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2003Efficient digital self-calibration of video-rate pipeline ADCs using white gaussian noiseOrtigueira, M.D.; Unterweissacher, M.; Goes, J.; Paulino, N.; Evans, G.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2006Fractional central differences and derivativesOrtigueira, M.D.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2008Fractional central differences and derivativesOrtigueira, M.D.articleopenAccess
2002Fractional discrete-time signal processing: scale conversion and linear predictionOrtigueira, M.D.; Matos, J.C.; Piedade, M.S.articleopenAccess
Dec-2004A fractional linear system view of the fractional brownian motionOrtigueira, M.D.; Batista, A. G.articleopenAccess
Aug-2001Fractional signal processing: scale conversionOrtigueira, M.D.; Matos, J.C.; Piedade, M.S.otheropenAccess
Feb-2000Introduction to fractional linear systems. Part 1 : continuous-time caseOrtigueira, M.D.articleopenAccess
2000Introduction to fractional linear systems. Part 2: discrete-time caseOrtigueira, M.D.articleopenAccess
2008An introduction to the fractional continuous- time linear systems: the 21st century systemsOrtigueira, M.D.articleopenAccess
Jul-2008An introduction to the fractional continuous-time linear systemsOrtigueira, M.D.articleopenAccess
2003Low-voltage low-power CMOS analogue circuits for Gaussian and uniform noise generationEvans, G.; Goes, J.; Garção, A. Steiger; Ortigueira, M.D.; Paulino, N.; Lopes, J. SousaotheropenAccess
2002A new approach to the initial value problemOrtigueira, M.D.otheropenAccess