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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Aug-2009Decavanadate interactions with actin: cysteine oxidation and vanadyl formationRamos, Susana; Duarte, Rui O.; Moura, José J. G.; Aureliano, ManuelarticleopenAccess
2006Desulfovibrio gigas ferredoxin II: redox structural modulation of the [3Fe–4S] clusterRodrigues, Pedro M.; Macedo, Anjos L.; Moura, Isabel; Moura, José J. G.; Goodfellow, Brian J.articleopenAccess
2004Direct electrochemistry of the Desulfovibrio gigas aldehyde oxidoreductaseMoura, Isabel; Santos, Margarida M. Correia dos; Sousa, Patrícia M. P.; Gonçalves, M. Lurdes S.; Romão, M. João; Moura, José J. G.articleopenAccess
Apr-2011Effects of molybdate and tungstate on expression levels and biochemical characteristics of formate dehydrogenases produced by desulfovibrio alaskensis NCIMB 13491Mota, Cristiano S.; Valette, Odile; J. González, Pablo; Brondino, Carlos D.; Moura, José J. G.; Moura, Isabel; Dolla, Alain; Rivas, Maria G.articleopenAccess
2003Electrochemical studies on small electron transfer proteins using membrane electrodesMoura, José J. G.; Santos, M. M. Correia dos; Sousa, P.M. Paes de; Gonçalves, M.L. Simões; Krippahl, L.; Lojou, É.; Bianco, P.articleopenAccess
2008Electron transfer complex between nitrous oxide reductase and cytochrome c552 from Pseudomonas nautica: kinetic, nuclear magnetic resonance, and docking studiesMoura, Isabel; Moura, José J. G.; Pauleta, Sofia R; Monzani, Enrico; Pereira, Alice S.; Casella, Luigi; Dell’Acqua, SimonearticleopenAccess
2008Enzymatic activity mastered by altering metal coordination spheresMoura, Isabel; Moura, José J. G.; Pauleta, Sofia R.articleopenAccess
2006EPR and redox properties of periplasmic nitrate reductase from Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ATCC 27774González, Pablo J.; Rivas, Maria G.; Brondino, Carlos D.; Bursakov, Sergey A.; Moura, Isabel; Moura, José J. G.articleopenAccess
2002Formation of a stable cyano-bridged dinuclear iron cluster following oxidation of the superoxide reductases from Treponema pallidum and Desulfovibrio vulgaris with K(3)Fe(CN)(6)Auchère, Françoise; Raleiras, Patrícia; Benson, Linda; Tavares, Pedro; Moura, José J. G.; Moura, Isabel; Rusnak, FrankarticleopenAccess
2003A further investigation of the cytochrome b5–cytochrome c complexMoura, José J. G.; Banci, Lucia; Bertini, Ivano; Felli, Isabella C.; Krippahl, Ludwig; Kubicek, Karel; Rosato, AntonioarticleopenAccess
2003A further investigation of the cytochrome b5–cytochrome c complexBanci, Lucia; Bertini, Ivano; Moura, José J. G.; Felli, Isabella C.; Krippahl, Ludwig; Kubicek, KarelarticleopenAccess
2011Gd(III) chelates as NMR probes of protein-protein interactions. Case study: rubredoxin and cytochrome c3Almeida, Rui M.; Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C.; Pauleta, Sofia R.; Moura, José J. G.articleopenAccess
2007Heterodimeric nitrate reductase (NapAB) from Cupriavidus necator H16: purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysisCoelho, Catarina; J. Gonzaléz, Pablo; Trincão, José; Carvalho, Ana L.; Najmudin, Shabir; Moura, José J. G.; Hettman, Thomas; Dieckman, Stephan; Moura, Isabel; Romão, Maria J.articleopenAccess
2002Hydrogen evolution and consumption in AOT–isooctane reverse micelles by Desulfovibrio gigas hydrogenaseMoura, José J. G.; Andrade, Susana L. A.articleopenAccess
2004Incorporation of either molybdenum or tungsten into formate dehydrogenase from Desulfovibrio alaskensis NCIMB 13491; EPR assignment of the proximal iron-sulfur cluster to the pterin cofactor in formate dehydrogenases from sulfate-reducing bacteriaBrondino, Carlos D.; Passeggi, Mario C. G.; Caldeira, Jorge; Almendra, Maria J.; Feio, Maria J.; Moura, José J. G.; Moura, IsabelarticleopenAccess
2003Isolation and characterisation of metallothionein from the clam Ruditapes decussatusMoura, José J. G.; Simes, Dina C.; Bebianno, Maria JoãoarticleopenAccess
2003The isolation and characterization of cytochrome c nitrite reductase subunits (NrfA and NrfH) from Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ATCC 27774Moura, Isabel; Almeida, Maria Gabriela; Macieira, Sofia; Gonçalves, Luisa L.; Huber, Robert; Cunha, Carlos A.; Romão, Maria J.; Costa, Cristina; Lampreia, Jorge; Moura, José J. G.articleopenAccess
2003Kinetic behavior of Desulfovibrio gigas aldehyde oxidoreductase encapsulated in reverse micellesMoura, José J. G.; Andrade, Susana L. A.; Brondino, Carlos D.; Kamenskaya, Elvira O.; Levashov, Andrey V.articleopenAccess
2009Kinetic, Structural, and EPR Studies Reveal That Aldehyde Oxidoreductase from Desulfovibrio gigas Does Not Need a Sulfido Ligand for Catalysis and Give Evidence for a Direct Mo-C Interaction in a Biological SystemSilva, Teresa Santos; Ferroni, Felix; Thapper, Anders; Marangon, Jacopo; Moura, Isabel; Moura, José J. G.; Rizzi, Alberto C.; González, Pablo J.; Romão, Maria J.; Brondino, Carlos D.articleopenAccess
2006Kinetics studies of the superoxide-mediated electron transfer reactions between rubredoxin-type proteins and superoxide reductasesAuchère, Françoise; Pauleta, Sofia R.; Tavares, Pedro; Moura, Isabel; Moura, José J. G.articleopenAccess