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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2012Location-based Marketing: the academic frameworkNeto, Miguel; Gould, Michael; Kray, Christian; Buczkowski, Aleksander
14-Mar-2015Smart-RBACGould, Michael; Painho, Marco; Kray, Christian; Gummidi, Srinivasa Raghavendra Bhuvan
5-Mar-2009Spatial data infrastructures model for developing countries: A case study of NigeriaPainho, Marco; Cabral, Pedro; Gould, Michael; Onah, Chinonye Cletus
1-Mar-2013Strategic Noise Mapping with GIS for the Universitat Jaume I Smart Campus: best methodology practicesGould, Michael; Huerta, Joaquín; Painho, Marco; Eason, Sarah Anne
5-Mar-2009Towards a GIS-T database design and implementation for public transit planning: the case study of Dar-Es-salaam metropolitan city, Tanzania.Cabral, Pedro; Gould, Michael; Painho, Marco; Ngereja, Zakaria Robert
9-Mar-2009Urban land use change analysis and modelling: a case study of Setubal-Sesimbra, PortugalPebesma, Edzer; Cabral, Pedro; Caetano, Mário; Gould, Michael; Araya, Yikalo Hayelom
28-Feb-2013Virtual Campus for the University of Jaume I, Castelló, Spain: 3D Modelling of the Campus Buildings using CityEngineCabral, Pedro da Costa Brito; Guijarro, Joaquín Huerta; Gould, Michael; Antunes, Sara Costa
5-Mar-2009Virtual globes as a platform for developing spatial literacyPainho, Marco; Bartoschek, Thomas; Gould, Michael; Clagett, Kathryn Elizabeth
5-Mar-2009A Web-Based geographical information system prototype on Portuguese traditional food productsNeto, Miguel; Cabral, Pedro; Gould, Michael; Ye, Zhelu