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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Testing the Freeze/Thaw Cycles in Lime MortarBotas, Sandro M. S.; Rato, Vasco M.; Faria, Paulina
Sep-2013The compatibility of earth-based repair mortars with rammed earth substratesGomes, M. Idália; Gonçalves, Teresa D.; Faria, Paulina
Sep-2002The effect of hydraulic components on lime mortarsFaria, Paulina; Henriques, Fernando M.A.
Nov-2008The influence of brick residues in the behaviour of lime mortarsMatias, Gina; Faria, Paulina; Torres, Isabel
Jun-2012The monitoring of rammed earth experimental walls and characterization of rammed earth samplesFaria, Paulina; Silva, Vitor; Pereira, C.; Rocha, M.
Dec-2014Thermal performance of cool facades: evaluation by Infrared ThermographyGonçalves, Luís; Matias, Luís; Faria, Paulina
May-2006Troia Roman baths (Portugal) – Assessment of history of interventionsMonteiro, Ana Margarida; Faria, Paulina
2013Uniformização dos métodos de avaliação do estado de conservação de edifícios definidos no quadro legal portuguêsVilhena, António; Faria, Paulina; Delgado, Viviana Pereira
2014Unstabilised rammed earth: characterization of material collected from old constructions in South Portugal and comparison to normative requirementsGomes, M. Idália; Gonçalves, Teresa D.; Faria, Paulina
Sep-2013Viability of ceramic residues in lime-based mortarsMatias, Gina; Faria, Paulina; Torres, Isabel
18-Jun-2015Visão integrada da reabilitaçãoFaria, Paulina; Chastre, Carlos