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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2011Decision making processes based on innovation indicators: which implications for technology assessment?Boavida, Nuno
Feb-2011How composite indicators of innovation can influence technology policy decision?Moniz, António; Laranja, Manuel; Kuhlmann, Stefan; Hennen, Leonhard; Pereira, Tiago S.; Sousa, Cristina P.; Boavida, Nuno
Mar-2011Innovation assessment in a local branch of a rail transport manufacture industry - A case studyMoniz, António; Pereira, Manuel; Macário, Rosário; Boavida, Nuno; Moretto, Susana
Mar-2010Innovation assessment of a Portuguese railway branch of a foreign multinational - a case studyMoniz, António; Ferreira, Maria Luisa; Boavida, Nuno; Moretto, Susana Martins
Dec-2012Renewable energy systems the theme for the PACITA summer school on TA, Liège, Belgium, 25 28 June 2012Baumann, Manuel; Boavida, Nuno; Maia, Maria João; Lichtner, Patrick; Moniz, António B.
Mar-2012Research and development expenditure in the business sector as indicator of knowledge economy: the Portuguese experienceBoavida, Nuno; Moniz, António
Mar-2011A selecção de indicadores no estudo prospectivo “Forecasting the carbon footprint to road freight transport in 2020"Moniz, António; Boavida, Nuno
Jun-2013Technology transition towards electric mobility - technology assessment as a tool for policy designBoavida, Nuno; Baumann, Manuel; Moniz, António; Schippl, Jens; Reichenbach, Max; Weil, Marcel
Jul-2012The use of indicators and evidence in governance and policy development of science, technology and innovationLaranja, Manuel; Boavida, Nuno