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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Analysis of glycosylation heterogeneity in antibody production by Pichia pastorisOliveira, Rui; Bispo, Sara Filipa Rato
Jun-2015Analysis of metabolic flux distributions in relation to the extracellular environment in Avian cellsStosch, Moritz von; Oliveira, Rui; Ramos, João Rodrigues Correia
2013Constraint-based modelling of mixed microbial populations: Application to polyhydroxyalkanoates productionReis, Maria da Ascensão; Oliveira, Rui; Dias, João; Pardelha, Filipa Alexandra Guerreiro
Sep-2014Development of principle culture medium formulations for Saccharomyces cerevisiaeOliveira, Rui; Frade, Valter Renato Silva
2007Experimental design methodologies for the identification of Michaelis-Menten type kineticsHitzmann, Bernd; Oliveira, Rui; Ataíde, Filipe André Prata
Sep-2015Genome-scale metabolic network reconstruction of Polaromonas sp. strain JS666: analysis of cDCE degradation rates and design of experiments for bioremediation improvementStosch, Moritz; Oliveira, Rui; Danko, Anthony; Guerra, André Catarino
2011Hybrid systems biology: application to Escherichia coliOliveira, Rui; Portela, Rui Miguel Correia
2008Segregated modeling and selection of populations for polyhydroxyalkanoate production by mixed microbial culturesOliveira, Rui; Reis, Iolanda Maria da Silva
2012A systems biology framework for pathway level culture media engineering: pplication to Pichia pastoris culturesOliveira, Rui; Cunha, António; Dias, João; Ferreira, Ana Raquel Santos
Sep-2011Systems biotechnology of baculovirus-producing insect cellsAlves, Paula M.; Oliveira, Rui; Carinhas, Nuno